Stop war in Europe!

Merkel, Obama, Putin: Hands off Ukraine!
No more support for the regime in Kiev!

The people of the Ukraine are victims of the imperial strategy of the USA, the EU and Russia. Ukraine is grated in this struggle for spheres of influence, key markets and geostrategic positions. Right-wing and nationalist forces, which brought the country to the brink of civil war along ethnic lines, got strenghtened.

We, the alliance „Karlspreisrptest 2014″, are an alliance of progressive and pro-peace-activist groups from Aachen and the region around, neither side with Obama and Merkel, nor with Putin. We support neither the former president Yanukovich nor the new rulers in Kiev. We side with the common people in the Ukraine, who long for peace, democracy and social rights – independent from their spoken language or nationality. We argue against any kind of discrimination against people because of nationality, language or religion. We stand for the right of self-determination of all people(s).

On the 2nd of May extremist right-wing thug-gangs set a trade-union house on fire in the city of Odessa. More than 40 people died. Fascists of the „Svoboda“-Party are represented in the new government in Kiev. Those fascists stand in direct connection with this murderers. It’s a scandal that the German government supports the new regime in Kiev, which shoots its „own“ population. We demand the immediate break-up of any support for the government in Kiev.

The Ukraine demonstrates the outcomes of the power of banks, corporations and oligarchs in times of crisis of the capitalist system. We cannot expect a solution for peace from the representatives of this system based on concurrence and profit-greed. Therefor we support all approaches for the buliding of an anti-war-movement, for anti-fascist structures, trade-unions and democratic and socialist forces in the Ukraine and Russia. We struggle in the EU and Germany against war and economical expansion-policy.

On the 29th of May Arzeniy Yatsenyuk will be in Aachen for holding a speach on the occasion of the Karlspreis. As provisional prime minister of the Ukrainian state he is directly responsible for the bloodshead in his country. His appearance in Aachen is our motive for carrying our protest on the streets.

Come to Aachen Market Square on the 29th of May, at 10 o‘clock AM. (Yatsenyuk and the other participants of the Karlspreis-event are there about 1 o‘clock PM) or join our demonstration at 11 o‘clock AM in front of the Elisenbrunnen.

Inform yourself on the 28th of May (the evening before) on a public rally with i.a. left oppositionists from the Ukraine: 7 o‘clock PM, DGB-house, Dennewartstraße 17. Translation available.

On the 25 th of May: No vote for the war mongers!